A Tribute to Catholic Sisters, 1899


A PRIEST’S TRIBUTE TO NUNS. Mgr. Conaty’s Sermon at the Georgetown Convent. (The New York Times, May 31, 1899) Washington, May 30— Cardinal Gibbons, Papal Delegate, Mgr. Martinelli, and other prominent Catholic churchmen took part today in the second-day’s celebration of the centennial of Georgetown Convent. It is estimated that at least one thousand women, [Read More...]

Catholic Poetry: “You Silent Dead,” In Honor of the Civil War Veterans


“YOU SILENT DEAD” By Sister Ignatius Summer, R.S.M. The silent dead! The silent dead! I’ve lingered where they sleep in peace, Where care, and want, or thought of dread There anguished vigils cease. Our silent dead! Our silent dead! They lure me to their mossy rest, Where roses, snowy petals shed, And birds sing requiems [Read More...]

The Poor Clares Come to the U.S., 1875

Poor Clare

THE POOR CLARES (1875) Religious orders being an integral part of the Church, naturally share in her trials and triumphs. Whenever the Church has been assailed, religious orders usually have had to bear the brunt of the battle; and the greatest glories of the Church have, as a rule, been due to the influence of [Read More...]