Lecture on American Catholic Literature, Brooklyn, 1860

Fr Pise

Catholic Literature in the United States– Address of the Rev. Dr. Pise (The Brooklyn Eagle, October 12, 1860)  The Rev. Dr. C.C. Pise, pastor of Sydney Place Church, last evening delivered an address before the Catholic Library Association at their room on the corner of Court and Joralemon streets. A large number of ladies and [Read More...]

St. John the Baptist Church, Manhattan (1840)


“The necessity of hearing the Word of God in their own tongue, and of having their children taught the Christian doctrine in the tones familiar to them from the cradle, led the German Catholics to exert themselves to have separate churches where they could enjoy these advantages.” The first German Catholic church in New York [Read More...]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival, Harlem, 1900

Italians in Chicago 1903

Church Festival in the Heat (The Brooklyn Eagle, July 17, 1900, p. 7) It is pleasant to know that there are people whose religion is not melted out of them by the present temperature. There seem to be at least 50,000 such inNew York. If the crowds about the Church of Our Lady of Mount [Read More...]