Looking Back on 2012: Aug-Sept

August and September were busy months for my blog. There was the Chik-Fil-A drama and other culture war nonsense. Both political parties held their conventions. Then the Benghazi attack happened. In September, our church did a sermon series called "Jesus is My Candidate" that I tried and spectacularly failed to turn into some kind of bigger "movement." The idea was to transcend partisanship and avoid saying and doing things that would dishonor Jesus' name. So here are 10 posts on culture wars, … [Read more...]

People who fear God don't make t-shirts like this

Whoever made this t-shirt doesn't fear God. Why? Because it blasphemes God's name when we use tragedies opportunistically to build political power for ourselves and pretend that we're doing it in defense of God. Until Christians stop taking their cues from the diaboloi of the outrage industrial complex, then we will look like just another ambulance-chasing special interest tribe focused on getting in our talking points. We are supposed to be the people who offer hope and peace, especially in … [Read more...]

Holiness and the fear of God (Isaiah 6)

Today I preached at the iglesia evangélica dominicana de Sosua here in the Dominican Republic on one of my favorite texts in the Bible: Isaiah 6. I've always seen the story of Isaiah's call as a model for how God calls each of us. It also illuminates the importance of the fear of God and its relationship to holiness. Before Isaiah can come to the place where he says, "Here am I; send me," he has to go through the overwhelming encounter with God's presence that causes him to say, "Woe is me! I am … [Read more...]