Jesus: the Hood Ornament for Our Self-Importance

Viridiana Martinez shared the following photo on her facebook page this past weekend:If the bottom text is too fuzzy for you to read, the whole billboard says, "We follow Christ, so it's basically a win/win for you to follow us." The arrogance of this advertisement is astonishing. I get that this particular church is trying to make a play on words since the word "follow" probably refers to following the church's actions online on twitter or some similar network. But this sign captures an … [Read more...]

Going All In For Jesus

Sermon for 5/14/2011 Text: Acts 2:42-47Five years ago, I had a rock band called the Junior Varsity Superheroes that was going to make it big. We had recorded a CD and got some reviews. We were gearing up for a CD release party in April of 2006. But in the midst of this excitement, we had some conflict. I wanted us to go all in, sending our press kit out to venues and festivals all over the country, with the goal of quitting our jobs and becoming full-time rock stars. But my bandmates saw the … [Read more...]