Mary: God-bearer

Sermon preached at LifeSign, Burke UMC on 12/17/11 Text: Luke 1:26-38“Mr. Guyton,” she said, “I’m pregnant.” Sadie was one of my best students. I had been impressed enough by her writing in my 10th grade English class that I recommended she join our school newspaper staff, which she did and continued to excel so I promoted her to an editor position and was grooming her to be our next editor-in-chief. The high school where I taught didn’t send many graduates off to college, but Sadie was unusual … [Read more...]

Tony Perkins & the Anti-Gospel of Individual Responsibility

I read a piece by Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, in which he describes what "values voters" supposedly want, and it's gotten me riled up. I think of myself as a social conservative, but it has a specific meaning to me. I believe that the free market has made sex into a commodity and an industry and ruined for many people its capacity to be the most sacred physical intimacy that two human beings can experience. I deplore the way that the fashion and entertainment … [Read more...]