I Why I Need to Celebrate Halloween

Firstly, Halloween isn’t inherently evil. You can just chuck that idea into the garbage disposal. Here’s a link to get you started with the history lesson, but the short version is that Halloween was originally All Hallows Eve, the day to prepare for All Saints Day (a day to remember and honor the saints passed in [Read More…]

Too Much Salt?

“I don’t want to lose this friendship,” I said. “I don’t either” she confessed. Our girls were close friends. They went to school together. We lived in a small town, and we had several mutual friends. I thought our friendship had been growing, but now she was asking me to change, and I simply couldn’t [Read More…]

Gospel Suffering

“Whenever you love, you reenact Jesus’ death. Consequently, gospel stories always have suffering in them. American Christianity has an allergic reaction to this part of the gospel. We’d love to hear about God’s love for us, but suffering doesn’t mesh with our right to “the pursuit of happiness.” So we pray to escape a gospel [Read More…]


You know that feeling when you are in labor, transition stage, I think they call it, right before you begin to push the baby out? Do you remember the sense of being hopelessly overwhelmed? The pain seems almost unbearable, but Mamas know that when they reach that point in the birth of their child, that [Read More…]

Sacrificial Friendship

“The sacrificial building up of one another — this is what makes Christian friendship, well, Christian. It’s Christian both in the adjective (sacrificial) and in the verb (building up).” –Excerpt from Putting the “Christian” in Christian Friendship by Jonathan Parnell The article (linked above) is really good! When I rededicated my life to Christ in 2014, I was [Read More…]

Wanted: True Friends (and 10 Steps to Finding Them)

I had my first BFF when I was 5 or 6 years old. One day, I unintentionally sinned against her. She forgave me, but I felt the weight of my sin so acutely that I couldn’t be around her anymore without feeling shame. In retrospect, I realize it was probably my fault that our friendship failed. [Read More…]

A Good Type of Weak

“I’m at my worst when I’m passionate about a new idea. I can drift into selling instead of listening and can easily become dominating. My heart is a dry and weary land. But when I begin to pray, the energy of my life is directed into the life of God and not into changing people’s [Read More…]


My eyes are swollen. My face hurts. Crying will do that. Do you ever have days where no matter how hard you pray, you simply can’t shake feeling discouraged? Today I am crossing another name out of my prayer book and adding his family. Praying for their comfort and peace as they walk through the [Read More…]

Answered Prayers 2015

“Feelings are indicators, not dictators. They can indicate where your heart is in the moment, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to boss you around.” –Lysa Terkeurst This is so encouraging today. It has been a long week and a half. I went in to visit my doctor a couple weeks ago for [Read More…]

Snares of Parenthood

How often do we grasp at our children’s lives? We are so careful, so particular, so confident we can save them if we try hard enough, know enough, do enough. We break fellowship with our neighbors over what type of birth we want for our babies and whether or not we vaccinate them. We make [Read More…]