It got worse, but now it is starting to get better again (i hope). I’ve been having constant headaches 24/7, with only temporary relief from an essential oil blend (which I ran out of mid-month). Then there was my ever swelling body, four inches bigger in circumference from the last time I measured. Now, I [Read More…]

Sneaky Sneaky

“Our pride is killing us as much as all of those things we haughtily refrain from doing would.  But, somehow we consider it righteous to be proud of ourselves. I would never read that book, we say.  I would never spend that kind of money, we boast.  I would never think that way, we post [Read More…]


My scale broke last summer. I haven’t replaced it yet. I kinda like not having one around. Last time I checked, I was just over 170 pounds. I am 31 years old and 5’ 5”. I have petite shoulders and an hourglass figure. It’s not that my weight at this point is healthy, it isn’t, [Read More…]