Blessed with Work

Work is a blessing to me right now. Being employed outside the home forces me to put my housework aside temporarily. It requires me to interact with others, gives me a new outlet for my anxious energy and creativity. Working gets me dressed, fed and out of the house. It is good. I’m working mostly [Read More…]

Laughing at Monday

Here we go again, a new week is upon us. For me, that means driving my kids to school, doctor visits, and gymnastics. It means more laundry, more dishes, more cooking and cleaning and therapy and reading my Bible. It means finding time to be alone with my favorite guy- all the while trying to [Read More…]

Carpe diem and Rest

My kids are sick. Nothing more than a cough and congestion, but some of them have fevers. We are in lock-down mode. I know the whole wide world is probably sick right now (tis the season, right?), but we don’t have to be anywhere. Liam (3) is laying in bed next to me, watching Harry [Read More…]

Work and Rest

They are everywhere. I’m not good with identification, but I’ve seen over 30 of these reddish-brown, (what I think are) hornworm pupa. Hidden not far beneath the surface of the cool, damp earth in my garden beds, they wiggle a bit when you pick them up. My daughter says when the neighbor boy squishes the [Read More…]