Morning Sickness vs Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Do you know the difference?

For women with HG, working can become impossible. The nausea and vomiting greatly interfere with the ability to perform expected tasks. There’s often a need to get extra help to care for children. In some severe cases, a woman may even need assistance with basic hygiene help. It isn’t uncommon for HG families to need [Read More…]

HG Made Me a Better Mom

I know I talk a lot about HG. Particularly here, here, and here. But, you have to understand, having Hyperemesis Gravidarum changed my life. It changed me. Even before I got that first positive pregnancy test, I had so many ideas about what I wanted my pregnancy, labor and delivery to be like. I was excited [Read More…]

The Gift of Therapy

I’m back in therapy after too long a lapse. New therapist, this time, an older presbyterian minister who also has a long list of credentials and achievements to support his certification as a counselor. I’m not embarrassed to talk about needing help. It is just part of being human. When my daughter asks why I need [Read More…]

How to Save a Life

When my third baby was 8 months old, I got pregnant. I love my children, I love my husband, but I was devastated. Hyperemesis Gravidarum stole my excitement over that set of tiny red lines. I hadn’t even had a period yet and I was still grossly underweight from my last pregnancy. Ben and I [Read More…]

Lou Rhodes and Chicken Soup

It is raining outside, something the Northwest desperately needs right now. These are my favorite kind of days. The rain patters on the skylight above my kitchen. My girls are spending the weekend with Mimi and Poppi (Ben’s parents), so it is just me and the guys. Ben spent the afternoon sleeping after working a [Read More…]

Suffering and the Mind/Body Connection in Mental Illness

Over the last month or so, I’ve felt debilitatingly sad and overwhelmed. A feeling that was reinforced every time I learned more about Planned Parenthood, saw the orange, hazy smoke outside my window from the fires and every time I visited with my dear (incarcerated) sister online. She should not be locked up and the [Read More…]

Wanted: A Baby to Love

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend and learned that she, too, had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her cases, however, were much more severe than what I experienced. Today, she, her husband and their five-year-old daughter and are praying for God to bring them another baby through adoption. Please take a moment to watch their story: Stories [Read More…]

My Specimen

I have two sons. Because I was so sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I had a 14 week ultrasound — at which time, the tech informed me and my husband Ben, that we were having our very first son (third child). Last night, I watched the “another boy” video from Planned Parenthood and cried and prayed. [Read More…]

Why I Am Pro-Life

My second Hyperemetic pregnancy was Miss Mira. I started throwing up at 8 weeks and had lost 20lbs and was in the hospital for emergency rehydration by 10 weeks along. I threw up every day, at least once, throughout the entire pregnancy and on 32mg of Zofran (a drug used for chemotherapy) along with vitamin [Read More…]

Gospel Suffering

“Whenever you love, you reenact Jesus’ death. Consequently, gospel stories always have suffering in them. American Christianity has an allergic reaction to this part of the gospel. We’d love to hear about God’s love for us, but suffering doesn’t mesh with our right to “the pursuit of happiness.” So we pray to escape a gospel [Read More…]