Vlog Episode 1

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Like David

I’m failing at Advent. Ben is really good about lighting the candles, dolling out treats, reading scripture to us and singing Advent songs with our family whenever he is home. But the nights where has to work… it feels like I’m barely passing as human, let alone a spiritual guide for my children. We watch a lot [Read More…]

Hot Mess: A Reflection

I’m sitting down with a quad shot Cubano that I made with a fifteen dollar espresso machine. It has been years since I pulled my own shots. When I was 15-years-old, I landed my first real job at a coffee shop as a barista. At that time, the minimum wage was just over three dollars [Read More…]

Suffering and the Mind/Body Connection in Mental Illness

Over the last month or so, I’ve felt debilitatingly sad and overwhelmed. A feeling that was reinforced every time I learned more about Planned Parenthood, saw the orange, hazy smoke outside my window from the fires and every time I visited with my dear (incarcerated) sister online. She should not be locked up and the [Read More…]


“(To do) lists can actually become a window to our soul and reveal our take on faith. If it’s nothing more than a simple organizational tool, then that’s great, but if it brings anxiety, condemnation, or restlessness, then it has become an idol.” -from Your Worth Is Not In Your To-Do List via The Resurgence I [Read More…]