The Gift of Depression

  Truth be told, I haven’t been doing well. Depression weighs heavily on me, and the worst part is that I know I’m not really. It is just a feeling, suffocating the life out of me. Don’t tell me to read my Bible more, I already do. Don’t tell me to look for sin in [Read More…]

Vlog Episode 2

The Sermon I listened to today: God Is Good, God is Present and He is Not Silent [Read more…]

Vlog Episode 1

[Read more…]

Boundaries on Social Media

Last Monday, I was talking to my therapist about the recent upset caused by my investigative opinion article on gorilla care as a Christian. As someone who rarely follows the news, 1) I had no idea this subject had been so controversial or done to death. This put me in the unfortunate place of speaking to [Read More…]

The Gift of Therapy

I’m back in therapy after too long a lapse. New therapist, this time, an older presbyterian minister who also has a long list of credentials and achievements to support his certification as a counselor. I’m not embarrassed to talk about needing help. It is just part of being human. When my daughter asks why I need [Read More…]

Living in Hope

The new year has brought the beginning of a new season for us Carnahan’s. All the children are day and night potty trained for the first time since 2006. The character training with our girls (ages 10 and 7) has been mostly completed. If teachability in children was cement, it starts drying around Ophelia and Mira’s age. [Read More…]

Like David

I’m failing at Advent. Ben is really good about lighting the candles, dolling out treats, reading scripture to us and singing Advent songs with our family whenever he is home. But the nights where has to work… it feels like I’m barely passing as human, let alone a spiritual guide for my children. We watch a lot [Read More…]

Mental Illness in the Church

It is common practice in churches, however, to treat mental illness differently. We immediately assume there is something else, some deeper spiritual struggle causing mental and emotional strain. The fact is that mental illness and spiritual struggle can be (and are) related. We are not separate things, we are complex people—remarkable connected in spirit, soul, [Read More…]


“Redemption communicates, in a sense, an ongoing state or effect. In Christ, we not only have been, but are continually being brought back to our new status in Christ. He takes our ashes, and makes them beautiful. He takes the prostitute, and makes her a pure virgin. He takes the one who feels dirty, and [Read More…]

Glimpsing Glory

We had the opportunity to go back and worship with the saints at Trinity Reformed Church yesterday. They are starting a new series on marriage and yesterday was the first installment. It was excellent , but that is not the point of this post.  It was after the sermon, before prayer and communion (I think? [Read More…]