Vlog Episode 1

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Small Frys

Right now I’m asking myself why I am typing these words. I don’t feel inspired. I don’t think I have anything worth saying right now. ┬áJude (age 5), is balancing on the arm of an old chair, peering over the printer in our office/homeschool room trying to see what is on my┬ácomputer screen. His grin [Read More…]

Weeping With Addicts

On Saturday night, we returned home from a road trip at 1 AM. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find my medication lock box. Since it was so late, and we’d be getting up in a couple hours for church anyway, I decided just to go to bed. On Sunday morning, I woke up already in [Read More…]


I don’t know how to start into this and I’m not sure if what I am experiencing will bless anyone. God works in mysterious ways. We’ve been really busy. All four of the kids are back in school for the year. They absolutely love it. My boys anxiously await the three days a week they [Read More…]

Weak and Unashamed

I can’t think clearly today. My whole body is sore. My head hurts. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through today without fainting. I have so much I need to be doing right now, but it is taking everything I’ve got just to stay upright and awake. Tests came back indicating anemia — [Read More…]

To My Christian Brothers and Sisters Regarding Rachel Dozeal

As someone who struggles with mental illness, it sounds to me as though this woman is not well in the head. She sounds like a woman who is really sick and needs help. She sounds like a woman who could benefit from knowing that she is worthy of love and honor just the way she [Read More…]

Help and Hope for the Pregnant and Troubled

Someone I know recently obtained an abortion. The woman, herself, is not a Christian, but I can’t help but think that she knows what she is doing. Her sister (who is pro-life and a follower of Christ) spoke with her sister about the life growing inside her womb and encouraged her not to end the [Read More…]