Caffeine and Alka Seltzer 

Guys, I’m so tired. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sleeping — that is the problem — I’m sleeping way too much. It’s called hypersomnia and it is a stress reaction not uncommon to those with PTSD. Usually, sleeping is a challenge for me, but when something is particularly stressful, it’s like, “tag, your it!” in [Read More…]

Thanksgiving Without Turkey (and stress)

I see all the amazing recipes and Instagrams of set tables. I see people playing football at the park and the mad rush to grab that last minute item at the grocery store. The air smells like roast turkey. It’s Thanksgiving Day….and I’m in bed. The last couple weeks have been rocky for me. I [Read More…]

Suffering and the Mind/Body Connection in Mental Illness

Over the last month or so, I’ve felt debilitatingly sad and overwhelmed. A feeling that was reinforced every time I learned more about Planned Parenthood, saw the orange, hazy smoke outside my window from the fires and every time I visited with my dear (incarcerated) sister online. She should not be locked up and the [Read More…]

Forgiveness and Trust

Confusing forgiveness and trust means that forgiveness doesn’t actually have any teeth; it’s grace without power. But the whole point of forgiveness is to help a sinner change. Forgiveness certainly restores fellowship, but love cares about proclivities, weaknesses, and wants to see real healing happen. If your husband has an anger issue, a porn problem, [Read More…]

Romans 12:18

Remember that when David marched forward to fight Goliath, his courage was considered by his brothers to be pride and insolance (1 Sam. 17:28). Joseph’s faithful service to Potiphar was reported by Potiphar’s wife as attempted rape (Gen. 39:14). John the Baptist was called demon-possessed and Jesus was called a drunk (Luk. 7:33-34). Sometimes, it [Read More…]

Two Years Later

My youngest turned 2 today. He is so old and so young all at once. Such a little man. I love him. I love all my kids. Even factoring in the hyperemetic pregnancies, the result is far greater than the effort I put into them. It is my custom to reflect on my experience with Hyperemesis [Read More…]

Holiness by Checklist

“It’s easier to follow a checklist of do’s and don’ts than it is to do the harder work of studying the Bible and listening to God for ourselves.” –Dear Church, let’s talk about what really matters [Read more…]

Fight for Us

Fight for Us ↑ This post is incredibly encouraging. The last month has been a tough one for me. With the gloriously answered prayer has come the revisited burden of serious hormone upset. Old symptoms that had previously been gotten “under control” reared their ugly heads and brought with them a host of debilitating inconveniences. Hyperemesis [Read More…]


This sermon hit me pretty hard today. Listening through it (we missed church the Sunday it was preached) this morning was like going through a check list of the last several months of my life. God changes us through hardship — school frustrations, terrible twos, difficult relationships, through sickness, relocation difficulties, through death. Bam, bam, [Read More…]

Anxiety: Sin, Disorder, or Both?

This is something I have a lot of experience with. I’ve fought with “normal” levels of anxiety to full blown phobias. I really appreciate and agree with John Piper’s approach to anxiety as he addressed it in today’s Ask Pastor John episode. Visit  to listen. [Read more…]