Thanksgiving Without Turkey (and stress)

I see all the amazing recipes and Instagrams of set tables. I see people playing football at the park and the mad rush to grab that last minute item at the grocery store. The air smells like roast turkey. It’s Thanksgiving Day….and I’m in bed. The last couple weeks have been rocky for me. I [Read More…]

Psalm 118:28-29

17. A good nights sleep. 18. A fantastic sermon. 19. Good Kokomo mocha. 20. SUNSHINE!! 21. Sleepy 4-year-olds. 22. Pizza. 23. Boots to wear with your sundress because your dog ate all your flip flops.   24. For not caring that the boots don’t match. 25. For my dog, Max. 26. For messy houses, and [Read More…]

Psalm 9:1

For accidentally sleeping through my alarm and it not being a huge inconvenience. For last night’s nightmares not being real. For a working fridge, garbage bags to clean it out and cleaner to wipe it down. That I don’t throw up anymore when I clean the fridge. #HGaware For brooms that sweep the crumbs away. [Read More…]