It got worse, but now it is starting to get better again (i hope). I’ve been having constant headaches 24/7, with only temporary relief from an essential oil blend (which I ran out of mid-month). Then there was my ever swelling body, four inches bigger in circumference from the last time I measured. Now, I [Read More…]


My scale broke last summer. I haven’t replaced it yet. I kinda like not having one around. Last time I checked, I was just over 170 pounds. I am 31 years old and 5’ 5”. I have petite shoulders and an hourglass figure. It’s not that my weight at this point is healthy, it isn’t, [Read More…]

Stones and a Slingshot

For the last couple months, a dear friend and I have been working through Becoming Myself together. Honestly, so far it hasn’t been much fun for me. Every chapter hits a nerve — a raw nerve more often than not. I’m thankful to be going through the book with someone who is so tender-hearted and compassionate. [Read More…]