Faith, Imperfect

  I teach the third graders the way I’ve been learning to teach. “There was once a man who did such wonderful things and said such amazing things, that people just had to follow him,” I say. I sit on my knees and lean over a golden cardboard box. We’ve been talking about the parable [Read More…]

I’m Back. And I have a post up at Deeper Family. Also, hi.

  Hi. It feels a little strange to sit here writing something out to say to you. I spent the past month resting from this blog. I spent the month finishing final details for my book before it goes to the printer. I spent the past month buying Christmas presents, wrapping them, baking cookies, packing [Read More…]

Giving thanks with my half-heart (A Deeper Church post)

Our apartment was so beautiful when we moved into it. All that light and space, that updated kitchen and those shiny countertops. It was full of possibility, a place we could stay for years, a home to settle into. Now that space holds mostly fear when I walk into it. My chest twists in on [Read More…]

The Weight of Not Enough: A Litany, Some Questions

I have a new post over at A Deeper Church today. Here’s an exerpt…   I don’t have it in me to write something meaningful. My mind is not enough today. I’ve been back from Guatemala for a week now and my head is thick and swimmy. Its insides move too slow for recognition. Maybe my mind [Read More…]

There are no trophies here

When I was in high school I found the verse, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I wrote it in teenage cursive. I made a collage around it. I taped it to my mirror. Delighting. It was another task to accomplish. At some point in my [Read More…]

Simplicity, Complexity, Faith

One year ago today, my grandfather left this world. We wept the way you weep for a good man. We wept like every old man hopes his family will weep for him. Pawpaw was special. Nearly ninety years old and gentle and kind and patient. He knew how to tell the best stories and how [Read More…]