Pentecost and my new post at a Deeper Church

I have a new post up at a Deeper Church about Pentecost, the daily physical stuff of life, and the question my son’s Sunday School asks him every week: “Are you ready to worship God?”   “’I will not take you out of the world.’ There are enormous implications here that I can so easily [Read More…]

On beauty and ruin…

Friends, I wrote a post for A Deeper Church this week. On the tragedy in Boston, on beauty and ruin, and how sometimes the bravest thing we can do is hold both at the same time.   On Monday, people died cheering for their loved ones at the finish line of a race that has [Read More…]

Some words in other spaces…

I’ve been writing in some other places this week and I’d love to scoot you on over their way. Do you mind clicking? On Tuesday I had the opportunity to share one of my poems at John Blase’s lovely blog The Beautiful Due. He’s been featuring the poems of several writers and bloggers he knows [Read More…]

The Ashes and the Being Made Whole

  Last year in Austin, Chris was away for work and I couldn’t get myself together to get the boys to the service and forfeit our baby’s bedtime, knowing I’d spend the whole service nursing and hushing. That afternoon, after August woke from nap time, I took leaves burned them in a pan in the [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: A Deeper Church + Beach + All the Cheese in the Whole World

Happy Thankful Tuesday, people! Today I have a post over at A Deeper Church. It’s one of those really-hard-to-write posts because I care about what I’m saying so passionately. It’s one of those it-took-three-weeks-to-write-this posts. One of those, I-trashed-3,000-words in-the-process-of-writing-this posts. Here’s a smidgen of it: I was sincere as a college student, completely earnest in my [Read More…]

Story: Grace (my post at Deeper Church)

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog silence to send you over to A Deeper Church on this fine New Year’s Eve. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your New Year, eat your black eyed peas, and I’ll see you later on this week… I’ve been reading the same novel for way too many months. Kristin Lavransdatter is a [Read More…]