Light Your Candles Quietly: Keeping Advent with Mary, Vol. 3 (A Repost)

Note: This was first published last Advent, following the shootings in Newtown… Vol. 3 – Defiantly Demanding Redemption “In sober fact there is little romance or beauty in the thought of a young woman looking desperately for a place where she could give birth to her first baby… it is a bitter commentary upon the [Read More…]

Disaster relief in the Philippines…

  You probably know that I had the privilege of traveling with World Vision a couple of months ago and I believe strongly in the work it does throughout the world. World Vision has launched an emergency response to the help the 9.5 million survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. If you’re looking for [Read More…]

Thomas, a Modern Day Desert Father

Thomas always stands on 9th and Clement in the afternoon. He and his red shopping cart piled high with strange containers and blankets and, usually, bottles of Coke. I always wonder, is it old Coke? Is it still bubbly? Thomas loves Coke. Usually, he paces and talks to himself, pivots, and does it again. But [Read More…]

God comes so close to us and we come so close to God

I’m teaching third grade Sunday School at my church. This is a new sort of thing for me. I don’t necessarily feel at my most capable with children. Yes, I know, I’m a mom. Aren’t moms supposed to be good with kids? I tend to think I’m good with my own. (Sometimes.) And I tend [Read More…]

Holy Week and Hungry For Change

When I first began to feel drawn to liturgy and the Church calendar, I was looking for something planted deep, something I could hold onto in my faith. I felt flimsy, shaken. I’d gone through a college experience of spiritually emotional highs and crashes. I was scared to death of the doubts that clouded my [Read More…]

Holy Week

Friends, I like for us to spend our Holy Week at Mama Monk quietly, contemplatively. So I’ll be mostly silent around here, though I will be posting every day from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday. My posts will be reflective in nature: art, poems, and quotes to go with each day of the week and [Read More…]