My food…

Yesterday after lunch, August and Chris were sleeping together in my bedroom while I cleaned up the kitchen and Brooksie snoozed in his crib. Then, I clanged something too loud (as usual) and woke my baby in the next room. There went my hour to write. So, while Brooksie ate his mac n’cheese, I sat [Read More…]

The Slow Work of Foundation-Making

  Cat and me and a few of the girls we love Two weeks ago, while we were in Philadelphia, my friend Cat picked me up from my mother-in-law’s and we drove through the 5 o’clock traffic to Radnor High School’s graduation. Cat and I were not related to any kid in any graduation robe. [Read More…]

Good words for a Thursday

  A collection of thoughts . . . Just some words that are marking me. “When all the facts are laid out, it is hard to be a Christian. When all the facts are laid out, it is harder not to be a Christian. For the great fact, Jesus, trumps all other facts; he is [Read More…]

She lists some things she’s loving.

Oh, friends. Are you so tired of me saying it’s been quite a week? If you are, I won’t say it again. Instead I’ll say this: I’m ready for my husband to come home. And I’m ready for my cat to stop going to the hospital. (This is when I should stop and thank God [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: W.S. Merwin

This week I started Lauren F. Winner’s Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis. I love Lauren Winner. Girl Meets God was one of the first books that gave me hope that I could write about Jesus and actually be a good writer at the same time. Every time I see her name on an article [Read More…]

Quoting Thankful

Today for Thankful Tuesday, I want to give you some words I heard over the weekend at the Festival of Faith and Writing, thoughts that have filled me up. I hope they speak something important to you too. (Note: these are from my notes and they may not be exact…though I did my best–my very [Read More…]