An Interview with Peter Enns

Friends, I’m thrilled to be over at Peter Enns’ blog today talking about my book. Soon I’ll be making the rounds all over Blog Town guest posting and discussing my book. But this is my first interview. If you don’t know Peter Enns, he’s a fellow Patheos blogger,  a biblical scholar, and an incredible thinker [Read More…]

#FoundGrace: Our Community Lenten Practice. ‘Find yourself found.’*

  I worked out Saturday morning with a friend. As we rode home together, the subject of Lent came up. “I just want to emphasize grace this Lent,” she said. “I’ve suffered enough these past few months and I feel like I need to recognize that before I give myself a checklist of tasks to [Read More…]

What people are saying about FOUND (some shameless self-promotion)

  Found releases in 33 days! So, as we head into the month of March, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that it is available for pre-order on Amazon here. (You can buy it in paperback or Kindle!) Here are what some people are saying about it…   “I read Micha’s [Read More…]

On Photo Shoots and the Very Talented Mark Kuroda (Help me pick a favorite?)

One of the strangest and awesomest parts of suddenly being a Real Life Author is that though you may write a book in your pajamas on the couch, forgetting to brush your teeth before 2 in the afternoon, the process of “selling” that book involves you actually dressing yourself and combing your hair and smiling [Read More…]

The Finding and the Being Found: Introducing my book

You stare at your baby in your arms, rocking back and forth in the room you’d imagined would be a place of solace. You’d envisioned breastfeeding as beautiful and quiet, gentle and spiritual. But the feeding feels like work, physical work. You’re sore. You made rookie mistakes those first few days and your body has [Read More…]