Martin Luther King, Jr. helped us be friends: A Conversation with my kid.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In honor of Martin Luther King, a conversation with my five-year-old on our way home from school last Friday: Mom, did you know that Martin Luther King lived a long [Read More…]

Mondays are for gif tributes. (Right? Right.)

There is so much to tell you people! I’m in the last stages of revising my book before I ship it off to the publisher in two weeks. And tomorrow I have a big announcement I’m super excited to share with you. My friend Kaili is getting married in less than a month and just [Read More…]

The Ministry of Friendship

Saturday morning, Chris took the boys in search of the perfect San Francisco donut and dropped me off at a park so I could run for the first time in four weeks. But first I sat down on a bench and called one of my dearest, a friend I hadn’t caught up in almost the [Read More…]

Italy: A story in pictures

When you travel 24 hours and your guts are all twisted because your kids are alive 24 hours away from you and you may not be able to bear this, and then you drink a cappuccino with a “standing breakfast” and walk outside and this is what says hello… and walking paths look like this… [Read More…]

How to say goodbye

Fifteen months ago, when Chris was offered his new job and we made the decision to move to Austin, my first call was to Jamie, my roommate in college and my maid of honor. She’s lived in Austin for eight years. We both cried on the phone. Never had we thought it would be possible [Read More…]

A Thursday-ish List

Yes, I’m still off in the land of vacations, where time doesn’t exist (except for Brooksie’s decision to wake every morning with the sun…at 5 am. I’ve been playing and swimming and tending to snotty noses (as per usual) and laughing with people I don’t see near enough. This is a list: A Saturday with [Read More…]