On Writing: Ego, Insecurity, and the Life of the Beloved

Several months ago, I emailed my former spiritual director, Debby, and asked her to help me get some perspective. I haven’t met with Debby since I moved to Austin and she moved away from San Francisco. I emailed her because several times during the process of  finishing my edits I would feel a panic attack [Read More…]

Jesus Came to Save Us from the Bible (A guest post from Ed Cyzewski)

    Following the Bible’s teachings on the Sabbath can be exhausting. Seeking the freedom of scripture can lead to bondage. Drawing near to the teachings of scripture can lead us further from God. This is the paradox Jesus faced in the Gospels. It’s a tension that runs throughout the many stories where ordinary people, [Read More…]

If King Wrote Us a Letter Today (a guest post from Grace Biskie)

Throughout the month of February, Patheos has invited its bloggers to contribute to a conversation called 50 Years After Birmingham: Reflections on and from the Black Church. I loved Patheos’ idea to host this conversation in honor of Black History Month and wanted our blog to be part of it. As a white woman with [Read More…]

My Grandmother’s Hands

  Every summer of my childhood, my brothers and I spent two weeks at Deenie and Grandaddy’s house. They lived in a simple suburban ranch style home in Dallas. It had a small backyard set into a steep hill where my grandparents, both children of West Texas farms, found enough time to grow green beans [Read More…]

On the goodness of words (Or, how I became a writer)

Today I’m guest posting over at my friend (and vlogging partner) Cara’s blog for her new series “The Little Things,” on small moments that change everything. Here’s a little peak into my post. I’m hoping you’ll read a bit and join me over there…   My brother painted a mural on my wall for my [Read More…]

November is for ‘Love You More’

November is National Adoption Month, and it its honor, I have the privilege of hosting my friend, author Jennifer Grant, here today. This is an excerpt from her book Love You More: The Divine Surprise of Adopting My Daughter.     Our social worker asked my husband and me to write short narratives explaining why we [Read More…]