Happy 11-Week Birthday, T-Rexy!

Baby Brooksie has blond hair these days (whenever I actually wash his hair once a week—poor baby—on other days it’s greasy brown). It’s short on the sides with really long bangs and if I don’t brush those bangs down quickly enough, they stick straight up in the air all day long. He’s smiling and squeaking [Read More…]

Mama admits she’s kind of a crazy person.

We all have our crazy-makers. Mine is email, and phone calls, and thank you notes—basically any communication that I’m expected to follow through on. Sometimes I do alright with those things. I make lists. I set goals: Return four emails before bed! But sometimes I torture myself. My deepest weakness is a longing to please [Read More…]

Just as my mother did…

The Bible is not particularly known for its progressive take on the value and significance of women (though I would argue that Jesus turned that worldview upside down in significant ways…I love that guy).  Honestly, I’m okay with the rarity of women in scripture because when they do show up, they are powerful, smart, and [Read More…]

A Bigger Story

“When you see your home as a missional outpost, your role as a mother becomes clearer: to prepare and release the people inside for a lifetime of participating in God’s mission to the world.” -Helen Lee, The Missional Mom   It’s a grand idea, this belief that what I’m doing in the drudge of life [Read More…]

Community Thankful

It’s Thankful Tuesday, that lovely day when we all stop to remind ourselves that there are some wonderful things in our lives, even if our kid pooped in his underwear again. (Hypothetically, of course.) I’m been thinking about community a lot lately, about the sweetness of the life we have here in San Francisco and [Read More…]

Making Space for God (aka Peeing on Bushes in the Woods)

Yesterday, I found myself teaching my son something I never expected: How to point his penis out and pee into a bush. I’ve told you we’ve been a looooong process of potty training (since January) and August has been very determined about what he’s not going to do. His list includes: peeing standing up (“That’s [Read More…]