Thankful Tuesday: Moby wraps, pancakes, and baby dimples

Let’s start with this: There are some seasons in a marriage where you feel more like a team than you ever have, where you know what to say to each other in the sweetest and most painful moments, where you laugh big, hearty, hysterical laughs at each other. I’m thankful that Chris and I are [Read More…]

What is true.

This is what my husband brought to my bed yesterday morning. He knows that I would usually prefer an experience over a thing (though I’ll admit I like things) and my ultimate experience usually involves food. So, when it’s my birthday or Mother’s Day or some other type of needy Micha day, I get breakfast [Read More…]

Fresh flowers with dew: A Mother’s Day reflection

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Chris’ step-mom just sent me a Mother’s Day letter her grandfather had written to his mother from a foxhole in World War I. It was so gentle hearted and earnest. He even told his “Mother dear” that come morning he would “steal out from my little dugout and take some fresh [Read More…]

A Poem for Mother’s Day

I know I posted a Cathy Song poem a couple of weeks ago, but when I was searching for the perfect poem about a mother, I couldn’t get away from this one. Sure, it’s not a grown up’s reflection on his perfect and beautiful mother, but there is a blue and white tablecloth and a [Read More…]

How to be a hero for Mother’s Day: Prosperity Candle and Preemptive Love Coalition

Friends, this is not a regular type of Mama:Monk post and I try to keep posts here reflective rather than instructive. But I feel like what I’m sharing is in line with Mama:Monk’s values, and I’m hoping you’ll feel the same way. This is Parzheen. She’s an Iraqi girl waiting for life saving heart surgery. [Read More…]

Sisyphus and Motherhood and Coffee

Yesterday morning I woke to a quiet (and sort of creepy) almost three-year-old standing beside my bed at 6:15, silently staring at me. Good morning, Wednesday. After I got August settled and watching a Thomas show, I moved toward my coffee pot, only to have Brooks begin crying and crying. I bounced him in the [Read More…]