All the Good Phrases: A Review (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared about why I started the One Good Phrase series and then offered a summary of each phrase from the first five months of the series. Today I offer you the second half… * Holly Grantham acknowledged that You can’t always get what you want and still pointed to how love is all that [Read More...]

All the Good Phrases: A Review (Part 1)

We began the One Good Phrase series ten months ago, when I was thinking more and more about the power of words in my parenting. I’d taken on a few of Sarah Bessey’s phrases she had shared on her blog, especially her use of “We use our words to love each other.” I’d been using [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Laura Turner (The adventure continues…)


Well, we all knew this day would come. It’s our very last week of One Good Phrase. Soon, I’ll give you a little summary post to point you toward all the little gems of phrases that have come through this space since we began working through them ten months ago. But, there’s no one I’d [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Roo Ciambriello (Brush your shoulders off)


I didn’t know Roo Ciambriello until I joined her as a World Vision blogger in Guatemala. And after five days, we knew each other well enough to perform many dangerous stunts… Roo has a blog called Neon Fresh, which is as cool and interesting as it sounds. And she is a gem: Not only does [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Zack Hunt (Costly Grace)


Today I get to introduce you to Zack Hunt, a blogger and thinker whose special talent is the ability to make complicated theological concepts approachable  for the likes of non-theologians like me. Zack was on my trip to Guatemala and it was a joy to get to know his compassionate, sarcastic, generous nature. I’m grateful [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Hännah Ettinger (You are held)

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I’ve been aware of Hännah Ettinger (and her blog Wine and Marble) for the past several months through Twitter, but I’ve only recently come to know her and her story. It’s only been since then that I’ve spent time reading her blog. Hers is one of those blogs I’m kicking myself for not following sooner.  She’s a gifted writer [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Brooks Boyett (Their stories aren’t written yet)


I’m so excited to introduce you to my brother, Brooks. Not only does he have a pretty awesome name (He’s named after my son!), he’s also one of the greatest people I know: Somehow able to hold faith and reason and justice all together one big metaphorical handful. I admire his courage and his big-hearted, [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Rachel Marie Stone (I love you.)


I’m interrupting my World Vision Guatemala trip to bring you this One Good Phrase from my friend Rachel Marie Stone. Who better to share a reflection on September 11th, than a writer who grew up in New York. I’m grateful to have her here today.  * I was born in the city of New York, [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Cara Meredith (You got this.)

DSC04546 (1)

I know I’m super  lucky, but I actually know Cara Meredith in real life. Like, see-her-every-Wednesday-at-Mom’s-Group kind of real life. Like, sit-next-to-her-at-the-Beauty-and-the-Beast-sing-along real life. Before we ever met, Cara and I had the same job for the same youth ministry. And we both left after having babies and we both pursued writing. And I adore [Read More...]

One Good Phrase: Marlena Graves (May you flourish)

Marlena Head Shot May 2013

  “Iliana, Mommy and Daddy tell you these things because we want you to flourish. We want to show you how to live,” we explain.  “And when Valentina gets older, we’ll show her and tell her the same types of things.” Valentina is just over a year old, and at six years old, having just [Read More...]