One Good Phrase: Brooks Boyett (Their stories aren’t written yet)

I’m so excited to introduce you to my brother, Brooks. Not only does he have a pretty awesome name (He’s named after my son!), he’s also one of the greatest people I know: Somehow able to hold faith and reason and justice all together one big metaphorical handful. I admire his courage and his big-hearted, [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Rachel Marie Stone (I love you.)

I’m interrupting my World Vision Guatemala trip to bring you this One Good Phrase from my friend Rachel Marie Stone. Who better to share a reflection on September 11th, than a writer who grew up in New York. I’m grateful to have her here today.  * I was born in the city of New York, [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Cara Meredith (You got this.)

I know I’m super  lucky, but I actually know Cara Meredith in real life. Like, see-her-every-Wednesday-at-Mom’s-Group kind of real life. Like, sit-next-to-her-at-the-Beauty-and-the-Beast-sing-along real life. Before we ever met, Cara and I had the same job for the same youth ministry. And we both left after having babies and we both pursued writing. And I adore [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Marlena Graves (May you flourish)

  “Iliana, Mommy and Daddy tell you these things because we want you to flourish. We want to show you how to live,” we explain.  “And when Valentina gets older, we’ll show her and tell her the same types of things.” Valentina is just over a year old, and at six years old, having just [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Diana Trautwein (One day at a time)

I wish Diana Trautwein and I lived in the same town. If we did, I would force her to meet me for coffee every week and tell me what she’s reading. And then I’d make her be my spiritual director. And then I’d be really sweet and ask her to preach me a sermon. Every [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Kristen Howerton (You’re better than that.)

If you don’t know Kristen Howerton’s blog, Rage Against the Minivan, you are missing out on her wisdom, compassion and super sharp wit. She’s a gem. I’m thrilled to have her here today. * I was an amazing parent before I had kids. I had grand ideas about the kind of affirming, patient mother I [Read More…]