Thankful Tuesday: Preschool Bravery and Gut-Laughing

Yesterday was August’s first day at his new preschool. He was scared. And it is an afternoon program so he spent the morning mentally and emotionally terrified and I spent the morning trying to do everything in my power to take his mind off the severe anxiety. (I think he inherited his worried nature from [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Ring-bearers and the rest

Can we just start by saying that I love dressing my boys up in bow-ties  even if they complain and refuse to smile for pictures. Also, I love that August made it all the way down the aisle at cheetah-fast speed (as he would say) even though Brooksie didn’t quite make it past the trees on [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Dumpling Kings, Trader Joes, Little Boy Bow Ties, etc.

How do I count the ways this week? Old friends and the goodness of being “home” at our church in San Francisco A cozy, clean, comfortable temporary home My first trip back to the glory that is Trader Joe’s. (I’ve missed you in my life TJ’s!) Texts and invitations and play dates and no time [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Blessing in the Leaving

As we walk into the church, I think about the last Sunday in our church in San Francisco: how we sang the hymns and walked away as a family. How we stopped at the farmer’s market and bought ripe cherries. How we sat at Alamo Square Park and stared at the city scape. My then [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: When there’s one week left and it all feels fuzzy

I will live in Austin for one more week. A week from tomorrow, I’ll leave for Italy and my kids will stay in Austin without me, with their grandparents. Then we’ll come home. We’ll wash our clothes for a day, pack our suitcases. And my little family take a plane to San Francisco. Just like [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Pre-Move Moving Weekend

We did it. The movers showed up Friday morning and took all our possessions away to some secret lair in California, where our things will sit until November. Our selves, our cat and our suitcases all showed up Friday afternoon at the temporary house (what I’ve taken to calling our “fake house”). And after one [Read More…]