Thankful Tuesday: Off to Philadelphia!

I’m up late trying to get my posts for the week set in place before the family and I jet off to the northeast. Tell me what you are thankful for? [Read more…]

Thankful Tuesday: Attending to the wonder

What if we stood up and took notice when we say “wow”? Awe is an integral Christian “disposition of the soul,” [Herbert] Anderson* contends. It leads us into and disposes us toward faith. Luther himself said, “Wonder brings faith.” Such a disposition is what actually connects belief and practice. Without an outlook titled toward awe, [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Memorial Day Edition

Parents who will drive eight hours and spend money on a hotel room on the way, just to stay two days with my family Riding bikes (in the street!) with August and feeling the gift of his growing up My dad and August in the backyard, sticking tiny ants under the microscope Bubbles and a [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: The Angry Stomach Virus Edition

What a week! It included: The Stomach Bug Incident of 2012, which took over my life (as both patient and nurse) from Wednesday to Saturday. And since Ezra the Cat decided I was too relaxed on Sunday, he decided to throw out his back. (Yes, cats can actually do that.) So, my dear husband spent [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: A History. And the First Ever Thankful Tuesday Link-Up Partaaaaay!!!

You might be shocked to hear that Thankful Tuesday did not begin as a somewhat piously disguised platform through which to list my kids’ accomplishments. (“Brooksie loves to sign ‘Thank you!’ August understands the theory of gravity!” *Insert eye-roll here.* Though, yeah, it’s a good way to talk about them and I can’t seem to [Read More…]

Thankful: thunderstorms, parties, and the (lack of) electricity

Oh, I’ve missed big spring thunderstorms in Texas, how they hit at 7:30 at night, the perfect time for mysteriousness when you’re a kid: Right after bathtime, right as you’ve stepped into pajamas. How, when the power goes out, nothing matters anymore. Dishes can’t be done, chores can’t be completed. There is only the sitting [Read More…]