#FoundGrace in yellow flowers, JoJo, and some cozy Target pants

This has been an irregular blogging week in my life due to the absence of my Main Squeeze. I’m astounded (and reminded again to be thankful) by how much my writing career is only possible at this stage of life (with young children) because of my husband’s support. I write this blog in the nights [Read More…]

Time and Priorities

  On Tuesday, Ann Voskamp posted How to Find Time and Space for the Life You Want (Part 2). It’s lovely and totally worth reading. I feel like its concept is so simple and absolutely relevant to the story I’ve been walking through for the past few years. I came to the Rule of St. Benedict [Read More…]

Hello. Hi. Hey.

  My dears. I know. I know. You thought I’d never show up here again? Here I am. Just poking my head out to say hello and I miss you. You want to know what I’ve discovered about myeslf? I’m really bad at doing two kinds of writing at the same time. When I’m focusing [Read More…]

One Day 2013 (#OneDayHH)

Last Wednesday Hollywood Housewife hosted “OneDayHH: One Day of the Year to Document the Small Details of Your Life” and I played along, even though some of the smallest details failed to be captured on film (can you still say film?). This was no ordinary Wednesday; this was the day when a couple of our [Read More…]

So…I was on a radio show.

I’m trying to be brave these days. I’m looking toward my book’s release (details to come on that soon) and all that releasing a book will shake up of  my comfortable life of writing in my pjs on my couch at 9pm every night. I know I need to be brave now, because I’m going [Read More…]

What I’m Into: September 2013

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled One Good Phrase to bring you my Sometimes-Monthly-Wrap-Up of all (not really all, thank goodness. More like some) that I wrote/thought/ watched/ read in the month of September. I know. BORING. Self-obsess much, Micha? I hear you. Feel free to move on to another blog ASAP. Okay. You’re still here? [Read More…]