What I’m Into: July

  If you’ve never heard me complain about San Francisco weather, it’s because when we moved back, I decided to put on big girl panties and stop moaning about this city. (If you ever read my old posts from four years ago, you will hear a lot of whining.) When we moved back, I decided [Read More…]

Marriage and the Growing Up of Us

When did we grow up? It wasn’t then, when we stood in the mountain meadow, flowers in my hair. And your hair, oh, honey. Your hair was such a mess. It took you four years to believe me that conditioner would do you good. That product would REALLY do you good. You stood in that [Read More…]

What I’m Into – April Edition

  On April Fools, I told the boys about how my brothers and I always tricked my dad by hiding marbles in his shoes. August thought that was hysterical and poured all six of his marbles into his dad’s shoes. Chris acted shocked and appalled when he found them there and the boys could not [Read More…]

Hill Tribers Giveaway Winner, Thankful Tuesday, and a little update from Micha

  I loved having Jessica Goudeau’s guest post here last week and was thrilled to introduce you to Hill Country Hill Tribers. I’m excited to say that our winner of that beautiful scarf pictured above is Jennifer Raines. Congratulations Jennifer!   I’ve been missing you guys! And I figured what better day than Thankful Tuesday [Read More…]

What I was into: February

My favorite of the Friday chalkboard quotes: What I Read (or Will be Reading) I finished Leaving Church. It was beautifully written. And while I was moved by the way Barbara Brown Taylor allowed us to experience her exhaustion in her work as a priest and her process of discovering rest and restoration, I was [Read More…]

What I’m Into: January (a couple days late)

Well, I don’t think I should start this post as a resident of San Francisco without acknowledging the heartbreak of last night. *Moment of silence.* (Yes, I’m an Eagles fan but all this living in SF stuff has made me a bit sensitive to the 49er’s and our city’s sorrow.) My four-year-old actually came home [Read More…]