{This Sacred Everyday} Tanya Marlow

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to encounter and get to know Tanya Marlow through her writing and her friendship in the blogosphere. Every time I connect with her I have been encouraged and cared for. She is kind and humble and I’m thankful to have discovered her and her writing. ******** [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Amy Julia Becker

Within the span of two weeks, I had two different friends from two different pieces of my life, specifically reach out to me, encouraging me to meet their friend Amy Julia Becker. There were lots of reasons they wanted me to meet her: 1) because her book, A Good and Perfect Gift, is beautiful writing. [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Addie Zierman

What an honor for me to host Addie Zierman here today. Not only is she my friend, she is also one of my favorite voices in the blogosphere right now. No one tells a story like Addie. Her words always bring the truth of my heart to the surface.  And I love that I get to [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Anna Broadway

We made it to San Francisco last night and I will be back in blog mode tomorrow to fill you in on my wild past two weeks. Until then, I’m sharing words from Anna Broadway, one of my first friends in the Bay Area when we moved here three years ago. I’ve always admired her [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Suzannah Paul

I first felt a kinship with Suzannah Paul when I discovered her blog and our shared former youth minister status. Then I realized she grew up the same area of Philadelphia as my husband. Then I realized she not only believes in poetry, she writes it! (Also, she lives at a camp, which is my [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Mihee Kim-Kort

On Sunday mornings, after I drop the twins off in the nursery, and quickly run from their screams (which, thankfully, only last a few minutes, I’m told by the care-givers), I sit. Lean back as comfortably as one can on a wooden church pew. Look up. Breathe. The sanctuary in my husband’s church is large, [Read More…]