Advent Thankful

Yesterday, for my sake, my husband did something he hates: hanging pictures. Yes, after two months of bare walls in the Hoho home, he lovingly nailed paintings and pictures on our wall, while August followed behind him with a hammer. (By the way, August + hammer = bad idea.) I’m also thankful that my main [Read More…]

The Waiting

Yesterday was the first day of Advent. The word comes from the Latin, “Adventus,” which means, “arrival, approach, coming.” Usually, we think of this entire season leading up to the big day of Christmas as “Christmastime,” but the church throughout history has not celebrated Christ’s arrival until the actual day.  During the days of Advent, [Read More…]

Thankful for Thanksgiving.

Today I’m thankful that I’ve decided to go on a Thanksgiving week hiatus. This was not originally my plan, but after spending yesterday sick as a dog and allowing my son to watch, like, eight episodes of Cailou while I floated in and out of sleepy sick mommy naps, I am making a decision. Over [Read More…]

“May spelled backwards”

Of course, there are still six days left before the loveliness that is Thanksgiving presents itself to our tables. This is just to get us pumped…   Yam by Bruce Guernsey The potato that ate all its carrots, can see in the dark like a mole, its eyes the scars from centuries of shovels, tines. [Read More…]

Why I failed Revolutionary Parenting.

I’m usually not a prickly person. I don’t argue much because I honestly don’t have a lot to defend. Most of my opinions are moldable and if I read something different than what I believe, it usually causes me to stop and consider for a while. I’m a simmer-er. It takes a few weeks after [Read More…]

Thankful Time!

So I mentioned yesterday that my grandfather not only survived the week when we thought we were going to lose him, he came through with humor and gentleness. So thankful. I’m also grateful for: Our Thankful Tree. August and I have been hard at work cutting out construction paper leaves. (He has some toddler scissors [Read More…]