Pregnant Sad vs Thankful

I spent this past Saturday feeling a little blue. Saturdays tend to be days that make me sad. I always have really high expectations for a day of freedom and time with my husband, but the freedom usually makes for anxiety in my mind. Usually, there’s a list of unreasonable accomplishments that I think I’m [Read More…]

For Pawpaw, on Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. I grew up going to “Veteran’s Day” events with my grandparents (Meemaw and Pawpaw), who were always invited to anything honoring veterans (and usually written about the in the local paper following that event). That’s because they have a powerful story. A really powerful story. Pawpaw’s airplane in World War II [Read More…]

The Great Story

I’ve been thinking about stories lately, mostly because my two-year-old is obsessed with them. I don’t just mean he wants a story about a bear and a toad becoming friends. I mean, while I’m changing his diaper, he wants me to tell a story about how his poop came out. He wants a story after [Read More…]

How to Teach a Two-Year-Old to be Thankful

Sorry. I don’t have the answer. But, Saturday as I was giving August some happy Wonder Pets time while taking an afternoon snooze beside him on the couch, I foggily heard Moose (the friendly Nick Jr. ringmaster of sorts) announcing to children that it’s Thankful Month at Nick Jr. Wow, I thought, right before I [Read More…]

New Poem for Christmas

No, it’s not the Christmas season yet, but a girl can dream, right? I’ve been doing my best not to pull the Christmas music out, to wait a few more weeks for the end of Thanksgiving, but I LOVE Christmas. I love Advent. I love the idea waiting and contemplating and making room for Christ [Read More…]

Friday Blogroll

Remember how last week I began the week with posts prepared and was able to actually go to bed on time every night? Not so much this week. Yes, I have a good excuse. I only arrived back in my home at midnight Tuesday night (or should I say midnight Wednesday morning?). And I’ve been [Read More…]