The Song of Wandering Aengus

If you think I’ve forgotten about our sweet sashay into WB Yeats and his mythical poem, I’m here to remind you that I didn’t forget. Yes, it’s been on the blog wall for 3 months. Yes, the whole Mama:Monk thing is that we’re supposed to have one poem to memorize per month. Yes, I should [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday Q & A

Some of you dear readers are super-commenters. And for that you deserve all my bloggiest affections. And some of you are quiet little mice readers. And I adore you too, even in your silence. But today, friends, I’m going to give you the chance to do more than add a little Thankful out there in [Read More…]

Why I believe in Halloween

Though I was raised evangelical, and can speak Christianese with the best of them, I doubt I’m anyone’s Evangelical Mother of the Year, especially when it comes to all the big things on the Christian No-No list. That said, I will now post about why I have celebrated Halloween my entire life, and why I [Read More…]

It’s Golden

My Mom’s Group has been studying the book of Matthew for the past several weeks. (Only 14 more to go…Sorry, I’m afraid you’re going to keep hearing about it.) One of the things I love most about my study group is the depth of these women. I think it’s easy to forget how bright and [Read More…]

For Stuey

This weekend, we lost my husband’s grandfather. We spent Saturday grieving and then watched our beloved Phillies lose the NL Championship to the city we live in. Papa wouldn’t have cared. Though he lived in the Philadelphia area for the past thirty years, he never bought into their sports teams. He loved all things New [Read More…]

Sweet Thankful

My Thankful List We lost Chris’ grandfather, Papa Pipe, this past weekend.  His death was unexpected. I’ll write more tomorrow about how much we love him and how he will be missed. But today I’m thankful for the way so much lined up in our family before his leaving: sweet and needed conversations between him [Read More…]