“I feel grateful / For every pebble…”

A poem for Thankful Tuesday, from the great Milosz…   It Was Winter by Czeslaw Milosz Winter came as it does in this valley. After eight dry months rain fell And the mountains, straw-colored, turned green for a while. In the canyons where gray laurels Graft their stony roots to granite, Streams must have filled [Read More…]

St. Benedict and the Complainy Pregnant Lady.

This has not been an easy week for rest. Last weekend when we moved, all my crazies kicked and I unpacked like a maniac for three days straight. (My body forgot I was pregnant. Was I hungry? Sleepy? Noooooo. I just needed the towels folded and on the correct shelf.) I went from the realization [Read More…]

Raising Boys Who Read

Lately, I’m feeling like I’m floundering in the mom department. I was on top of things when my job in shaping August’s character (like, 3 months ago) was teaching him to say “thank you” and nudging him to use “please” in an appropriate way. I was feeling proud in social situations when his sweet two [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: New Apartment Edition

It’s time for a good ole fashioned Thankful Tuesday List. (Which means you have to add your own as well.): Even though we don’t have our TV set up, we were still able to purchase (for 3 freaking dollars, come on iTunes!) Sunday’s Mad Men episode and watch it only one day late. Ahhhhh, sometimes [Read More…]

A Moving Out Mix

Friday, after a morning of movers (having movers will be on my Thankful Tuesday list, by the way), I took my smelly rubber gloves and (by myself!) spent three and a half hours cleaning our old place. I was feeling emotional. Yes, we only lived there a year but it was the year when my [Read More…]


I wish I were super human and could possibly write something beautiful for you in the midst of my pregnant while packing state. But, my house is in boxes and I’m afraid my brain will be also until I can properly put every lovely thing in its new place on Friday. So, please have mercy [Read More…]