Peace and Amen

It’s not a new thing that kids like to say “Amen.” Churched babies since the origin of the Church have probably been yelling “Amen!” excitedly whenever their families sat down to eat. It’s a word that feels good on the tongue, which is really all that matters for the 1 ½ year old who is [Read More…]

Poetry, Mamas

It was poetry that won me over to words before I even knew a person could be won over. When I read John Keats in high school, I secretly marked the page of “Ode On a Grecian Urn” in my book while every one around me complained: “This sucks!” and I nodded my head in [Read More…]

Coming Back

I am far from your image of the monastic life: the serenity, the wisdom, the walking slowly with my hands in prayer position. Instead of enrobing myself in the monastic tunic for morning prayer at 6 am, I’m usually stumbling around with a big blanket covered in pink and neon blue dancing bears, waiting for [Read More…]