Wednesday: Ashes and Death

I love Ash Wednesday because it reminds me that I will die. I am a product of a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. We honor the young and ignore the elderly. We worship comfort at the expense of wisdom. We refuse to consider that each of us are constantly moving closer to our own [Read More…]

Entering Lent

Lent is my favorite season of the Liturgical year. I love it for a lot of reasons. For one, I’m secretly a melancholy girl full of laments. I connect to the idea of a season that’s not about celebration but about ashes, confession, and removing a little of our cultural addiction to ease so that [Read More…]

Psalm 31

Listen, I love you readers and you don’t deserve this but I’m going to complain for a second. Thursday is street cleaning day on my street. That means I can’t park in front of the house, which is usually okay. After all, for our first year in San Francisco, I always parked three to four [Read More…]

“In Feast or Fallow”

Okay, so I’m admitting I’ve been a failure of blogging lately. Seriously, I know you’re sick of hearing about how I’m uncomfortably pregnant/scared of giving birth/learning something important about suffering. (See proof here, here and here. Good grief, lady.) So I’ll shut up about it now and move on to more exciting things, like Thankful [Read More…]