Beautiful: A reflection for the day after Ash Wednesday

I wrote this post two years ago, when Brooksie was known only as T-Rexy. (These days he’s still “T” most of the time at home.) It’s a reflection that still feels relevant these two years later.   Wednesday night, as I entered the church nursery where August had been playing while I was in the [Read More…]

A letter to St. Benedict, on his feast day (a repost)

Friends, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about our favorite, St. Benedict, this week for my side project. I’ve been thinking a lot about what made his Rule radical, how choosing to value moderation over zealousness and compassion over the enforcement of harsh commitments within the monastery, allowed (and continues to allow) countless people [Read More…]

The Spiritual Practice of Slowness

I was strangely moved by that almost final scene in the movie Lincoln, when the president walks away, his back to the camera, down the long White House hallway and into the shadows. Of course we,  the audience, know Lincoln is walking down that hall for the final time. We know he is on his [Read More…]

Introducing My Chalkboard

I’m trying something new for the next couple of months. Every Friday I’ll keep it simple around here. I’ll show you what’s written on my chalkboard. (In my sixteen-year-old-boy handwriting. So sorry.) It might be a poem or a quote, just something I’m reading and thinking about. And I’m hoping, something you may be interested [Read More…]

One Word 2013: Enough

I wish I were a mom with constant craft supplies. I wish I had every kind of glitter available and fresh scented play-dough always waiting for little fingers to mash. I wish I were a mom who filled hours with learning, a mom who sent thank-you notes on time. I wish I had real, practical [Read More…]

Light Your Candles Quietly: Keeping Advent with Mary, Vol. 4

A Christmas Eve Reflection: Light Your Candle Quietly August made his own menorah this year. I’ve mentioned before how, quite by accident, we ended up at an Orthodox Jewish Preschool. The presence of Hanukkah in our lives has made for a lot of interesting conversations. It’s also meant that August wanted to light his handmade [Read More…]