I’m Talking Taboo…and you can too.

“What happens when young, American women speak the unspeakable about our experiences of faith?” That’s the question I was asked a year ago when I received an email from a writer friend asking me to contribute to a new compilation of essays from Christian women who were willing to “unearth the taboos that have stifled us, divided [Read More…]

Advent Poetry Series: “Christ’s Mother Reflects: His Childhood”

Christ’s Mother Reflects: His Childhood “…and for him to see me mended / I must see him torn.”   -Luci Shaw “Mary’s Song” He stood at the door, wet-faced and panting. in his hands three baby birds. They’re hungry, he sniffed, nested them in a bowl with grass, fed them worms until they died. After, I held [Read More…]

A Woman of Valor, who can find? (A review of Rachel Held Evans’ A Year of Biblical Womanhood)

A project like A Year of Biblical Womanhood, in which Rachel Held Evans spends a year attempting to follow every specific biblical principle applied to women, could easily have come off as a mockery, one more 300-page joke about how the Bible is backward and legalistic and written by women-hating ancients. Instead Evans invites us [Read More…]

Women in Ministry Series: On Failing at Ministry

I’ve been a fan of Ed Cyzewski ever since I first discovered his “Women in Ministry Series,” while simultaneously realizing he was a man! (Which means he is the bravest kind of man and I truly admire him.) He was our first contribution to the {This Sacred Everyday} series. And, he’s a fellow stay-at-home parent. [Read More…]

What Makes a Pastor? Or Linda Horne and the Great Mystery

“I solemnly swear…” Her lip twitched, her eye twinkled. “I solemnly swear…” we repeated, our right hands raised to the sky, our fingers making the shape of any good scout promise. “That I…” “That I…” We giggled. We were standing around a table of pretzels and Kool-Aid. It was a summer Tuesday, one of the [Read More…]