Post-Guatemala Rolling

Since I got home from Guatemala, I’ve felt like this:   I’m not really sure why. It’s not like I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve just felt…like I’m moving too fast and my brain can’t catch up. Last Thursday morning, August complained about the milk in his cereal and then poured it into the sink [Read More…]

Because this matters.

On our last day in Guatemala, we return to the community where we spent most of the week. We pull up along a rocky dirt road, where the nearest restroom is a up the hill in a little abuela’s house. We walk down the path to an old, dilapidated former-carpentry school, where children are arriving [Read More…]

Introducing my fellow World Vision Bloggers…

Today is our last day in Guatemala. But before I write one more post considering all that we’ve seen and all that I’m taking back with me to the States, I want to share with you some of the posts my fellow blogger/travelers have written about our time in Guatemala. These bloggers are some pretty [Read More…]

The Song in the Story

In the concrete block, open air home, where baby chicks run around a cage in the same room as the toilet, and where a lean-to wood and metal shack serves as a kitchen, we gather outside, in between rooms. We sit in a concrete space for a concert. In the least likely of places, beside [Read More…]

Becoming Madrina: Relationships and World Vision

“Heydi Andréa,” her mother says in the way only mothers can. Those two words, the names she gave her daughter, are said with gentleness but also with expectation. Heydi is six years old and her mother wants her to join the other kids, who are lined up to hit the pinata. Heydi does not want [Read More…]

Let’s be ordinary. Let’s be extravagant.

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to good enough to earn God’s approval, good enough to earn the grown-ups’ approval. I’ve heard a lot of sermons on how North American Christians aren’t doing enough, aren’t being persecuted enough, aren’t suffering enough. I’ve read a lot of books on how we need to be [Read More…]