Beautiful: A reflection for the day after Ash Wednesday

I wrote this post two years ago, when Brooksie was known only as T-Rexy. (These days he’s still “T” most of the time at home.) It’s a reflection that still feels relevant these two years later.   Wednesday night, as I entered the church nursery where August had been playing while I was in the [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: God loves you and so do I (Christine Gough)

Christine Gough is a mom, a fellow resident of Northern California, and a kindred who is learning how to be, in her words, “one who comes alongside people to help them remember God’s love for them.” I admire her wisdom and I will be enternally grateful that she shared six of her 365 free(!) loaves of [Read More…]

My Chalkboard: Madeleine L’Engle

From A Circle of Quiet, page 45 [Read more…]

One Good Phrase: No Matter What (Joy Bennett)

I’ve recently gotten to know Joy Bennett in these internet parts and I’m constantly moved by her encouragement, honesty and vulnerability. It’s a gift to have her here today.  I have four children, three living. My oldest fought for her life for eight years through hospital stays, surgeries, therapies, special education, medications, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, [Read More…]

One Word 2013: Enough

I wish I were a mom with constant craft supplies. I wish I had every kind of glitter available and fresh scented play-dough always waiting for little fingers to mash. I wish I were a mom who filled hours with learning, a mom who sent thank-you notes on time. I wish I had real, practical [Read More…]

For Carey. And for her friend, Melynn.

When I get the text from Melynn, it’s 8:30 on Saturday morning and we’ve just finished our cinnamon buns and read the story of St. Nicholas. We’re in the middle of a new family tradition, gathering the toys we’ll be giving away that day. The boys are on the carpet in the hallway vrooming cars: [Read More…]