A Very Important Confession

When I began college in, ahem, 1997, overalls were still cool (at least in Abilene, Texas) and I was intrigued by this store in Dallas called “Abercrombie.” Yes, I was a fashion original. So, when my college friends (also freshmen) realized that most of the senior girls we had encountered in our non-trendy Southern Baptist [Read More…]

Today is the Day

There was a moment around 14 months ago, as I was flying alone with my almost 2 year old (something I have done many times), when he miraculously began to play by himself! He took his little Yo Gabba Gabba people and made them talk to each other. Then I gave him some Thomas the [Read More…]

Hello, Emotional Micha!

Oh, friends. Let’s be honest here: Filling our last week in SF with final events + Watching my son say goodbye to his teachers and friends + Trying to pack our stuff + Planning two parties on Friday + My little boy turning 3 = Emotional Micha Here’s what you should know: Emotional Micha has [Read More…]

Why there is not a new post today:

Because my husband has been in Austin for three days and he just got home 20 minutes ago. (Its 10:19 pm, fyi.) Because my kid informed me and my friends tonight at dinner that he has a girlfriend. And her name is Choochie. And she likes to play “run into the couch and get ouchies” [Read More…]

Mama admits she’s kind of a crazy person.

We all have our crazy-makers. Mine is email, and phone calls, and thank you notes—basically any communication that I’m expected to follow through on. Sometimes I do alright with those things. I make lists. I set goals: Return four emails before bed! But sometimes I torture myself. My deepest weakness is a longing to please [Read More…]

What is true.

This is what my husband brought to my bed yesterday morning. He knows that I would usually prefer an experience over a thing (though I’ll admit I like things) and my ultimate experience usually involves food. So, when it’s my birthday or Mother’s Day or some other type of needy Micha day, I get breakfast [Read More…]