How not to raise more than one child at a time…

About ten times a day I remind myself that billions of women throughout the history of childbearing have had more than one child at a time. Most were like my great-grandmother Mama-Mac, raising seven kids at once. On a farm. In a tiny house on the high plains with no heating or air conditioning. Scrubbing [Read More…]

How motherhood has changed me.

Micha, isn’t that what you’re whole blog is about? Okay. That’s fair. Perhaps this post should simply be titled, “How motherhood has changed how I watch movies.”  Or, “What’s just not worth it anymore.” Or, “How my husband and I had a big fight last Friday night after I made him turn off our Netflix [Read More…]

Weakness and Acceptance

There’s a point in pregnancy when you suddenly think: “Something’s wrong with me!” Of course, the something wrong is actually the reality that a five pound human has invaded your entire body and you can’t get away from him. He shows up in how you walk (here comes Ms. Puddleduck), in how you react to [Read More…]

Tiger Mother Thankful

Yes, of course I read all 18 thousand of the Tiger Mother articles last week. How could I not have noticed? My sweet husband has me set up for some major “mother” search engines around here. The thing is, I couldn’t think of what I needed to say about Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the [Read More…]

Late Night Smorgasbord

Dear Faithful Reader: I am a tired, pregnant woman, with a baby inside me that does not like that I’m awake (again!) past midnight. And I’m sorry to say that I feel like a failure of a blogger this week. I’m really hoping that next week I’ll get my act together and be able to [Read More…]

A Nighttime (Packing) Prayer

I love evenings. I love eating with my little family. I love reading or watching way too much TV (Last night? Guilty.). I love the freedom of rest after a day of completing tasks. But packing never feels completed. And I have a difficult time resting when I could be packing boxes. I’m not really [Read More…]