Thankful Tuesday: Advent thoughts, Christmas gifts, and baby cheetahs

Some words that are blowing my mind this week, from the amazing Advent book I’m working through. (Preparing For Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent—go now and get this book.): “Our Christian wisdom is to name the darkness as darkness, and the Light at light, and to learn how to live and work in the Light [Read More…]

Advent Poetry Series “The Lord is With Thee”

The Lord is With Thee  from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1 They hail me Mary, full of grace. They bless me: brave, obedient—holy. What would you have said to the twelve-foot, light-soaked man, a gold flecked tower whose honey lips spoke your name? I said Yes. Then ran, traveled days, silent, hungry, purging in [Read More…]

St. Nicholas Day: Santa, Mystery and Small Family Ritual

Friends, I’m going to ask you to jump over with me to another site again today. (This is just one of those lucky weeks for us!) Christine Gough has been hosting a guest series called: “Vision from the Frontlines: Voices, Experiences & Practices of Faith Development” and today, I’m  over there sharing about how our [Read More…]

God and Suffering

Hey friends, Instead of a Thankful Tuesday post, I’m guest posting over at Tanya Marlow’s blog “Thorns and Gold” today. She has a beautiful series in which she’s invited other writers to think about their own suffering and their encounter with God in the midst of it. I’m excited about the piece I wrote. Sometimes [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Amy Lepine Peterson

Amy Lepine Peterson is one of those kindreds I’ve found out there in the great big wide web. Every time I read her writing I’m moved or challenged or encouraged by our like-mindedness. I love having her here today. And it’s an honor to share her with you.   Basket-Weaving At this point, I’m pretty [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday after Thanksgiving

For a sweet, small Thanksgiving with friends. I love hosting parties with my husband. And I love having people in our home. I’m thankful that we already had relationships here in SF and that we didn’t have to be alone on such a big day. For plane tickets to see our families over Christmas. For [Read More…]