Thankful Tuesday: Cousins Camp ’12


It is late on Monday night and tomorrow we will be driving away from Cousin Camp 2012, which has been a great success, despite my swimsuit bottoms being flushed down the toilet. (What? you say. Exactly.) Tomorrow we head back to my parents’ for awhile and Chris is already back in working-land. I don’t have [Read More...]

Poem-a-Day Friday: WS Merwin (again) and Death

I’m now in Amarillo, my hometown. We got here on the 4th and it will be homebase for the boys and me over the next couple of weeks. My 90-year-old grandfather, whom I’ve written about here and here, had a stroke on Tuesday, the day before we got here. It’s been a gift that I [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: East Coast Trip Recap


We’re home! It was a sweet trip. And it was long (two weeks!). We left my mother-in-law’s house yesterday morning at 5:30 and showed up at our house in Austin by 1:30 in the (Very Hot) afternoon. Here’s what I’m thankful for: My boy turned four years old on Sunday. He woke up certain he [Read More...]

A Thursday-ish List


Yes, I’m still off in the land of vacations, where time doesn’t exist (except for Brooksie’s decision to wake every morning with the sun…at 5 am. I’ve been playing and swimming and tending to snotty noses (as per usual) and laughing with people I don’t see near enough. This is a list: A Saturday with [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: 8 Years

Christopher, when we were first dating, riding in cars together, my fingers running through the back of your hair (What was I thinking? I barely knew you!), you amazed me. You were the quirkiest boy I’d ever met . You said things like, “Let’s just be cozy and watch a movie.” Cozy? What 23 year [Read More...]

A Tribute to the Single Mother and in Praise of the Good Father: A Father’s Day Post (of sorts) via Pinterest

Every time Chris leaves town, I’m reminded of how much I depend on him, on how good my life is with him, how what I have is rare. Our marriage is not perfect, but it is one of kindness, freedom, friendship. We share. A lot. We’ve shared a car since his broke down in 2003 [Read More...]

Girls and Great-Grandmothers and all the Mothers between them

My hand and Deenie's hands at my wedding: the bracelet she, my great-grandmother and I all wore on our wedding days

    A couple of Sundays ago, I had a phone date with my 90-year-old grandmother, Deenie (aka “Cotton“). The boys were outside in swimsuits with Chris and a water hose and I had an hour-long window and a phone. After a week of family stomach-bug yuck, I called Deenie, cleaner and sponge in hand, [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: Memorial Day Edition


Parents who will drive eight hours and spend money on a hotel room on the way, just to stay two days with my family Riding bikes (in the street!) with August and feeling the gift of his growing up My dad and August in the backyard, sticking tiny ants under the microscope Bubbles and a [Read More...]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Jane Kenyon (again)

Last night, after the kids snuggled into beds and the cat (who is getting better!) ventured out of his sick room to sleep on the couch, I ate a frozen pizza from Target by myself and scrubbed the toilet and the floors. There’s something special about cleaning in preparation of something. My parents are coming [Read More...]

Why I didn’t make it to small group last week

It was a good day, but a long one: the house in disarray. Another week where we planned to go to our small group from church, where I made dinner early and managed to bring the boys in early from outside (one tantrum in the process but I only got bit once). August hates small [Read More...]