Good Words (What’s on my chalkboard this week)

It’s back! My chalkboard! Hopefully soon I’ll be adding some more interesting tidbits (ie posts and articles I loved this past week + super excited vlogging conversations, etc.) But for today, Good words is going to simply include one lovely quote from a book I love. This is from Dave Harrity’s beautiful and challenging mashup [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Hay and Apples

We had yesterday off from school. So what better way to spend a beautiful October Northern California day than to scoot ourselves out of the urban jungle and downstate to where the fruit grows on trees! (On trees, I promise!) And pumpkins emerge from soil, not just asphalt parking lots.  We ate apples straight from [Read More…]

In Real Life (a guest post from Sarah Dunning Park)

I love that Sarah Dunning Park is here today. Believe it or not, though Sarah is all over the blogging world, I didn’t first meet her online. She went to high school with my husband and we met at their ten year reunion. So, you understand, it has been a thrill to rediscover Sarah here [Read More…]

What I was into: February

My favorite of the Friday chalkboard quotes: What I Read (or Will be Reading) I finished Leaving Church. It was beautifully written. And while I was moved by the way Barbara Brown Taylor allowed us to experience her exhaustion in her work as a priest and her process of discovering rest and restoration, I was [Read More…]

My Chalkboard: Jane Kenyon

    I love Jane Kenyon (who died in 1995). She was the first poet I ever connected with. This quote is from a lecture she once gave titled “Everything I Know About Poetry.” I believe it’s found in a collection of her essays, A Hundred White Daffodils. (But don’t hold me to it.) If [Read More…]

What I’m Into: January (a couple days late)

Well, I don’t think I should start this post as a resident of San Francisco without acknowledging the heartbreak of last night. *Moment of silence.* (Yes, I’m an Eagles fan but all this living in SF stuff has made me a bit sensitive to the 49er’s and our city’s sorrow.) My four-year-old actually came home [Read More…]