The Good King

Because my husband usually gets only an hour with our boys in the evenings before bedtime hits, we’ve never quite followed the sleep experts’ advice about calming pre-bedtime activities. For a while we tried the bedtime bath but I could never get my act together enough to have dinner ready, children fed, and bath completed [Read More…]

Wholeness in Contradiction: A New Year’s Resolution

“We are all seeking wholeness,” the amazing Esther de Waal writes in Living with Contradiction: An Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality, a book I’ve owned for 6 months and am finally picking up to read. She says that in The Rule of St. Benedict, we can find a handbook of healing: “St. Dunstan’s first biographer, almost [Read More…]

Friday Blogroll

Remember how last week I began the week with posts prepared and was able to actually go to bed on time every night? Not so much this week. Yes, I have a good excuse. I only arrived back in my home at midnight Tuesday night (or should I say midnight Wednesday morning?). And I’ve been [Read More…]

Raising Boys Who Read

Lately, I’m feeling like I’m floundering in the mom department. I was on top of things when my job in shaping August’s character (like, 3 months ago) was teaching him to say “thank you” and nudging him to use “please” in an appropriate way. I was feeling proud in social situations when his sweet two [Read More…]

A Nighttime (Packing) Prayer

I love evenings. I love eating with my little family. I love reading or watching way too much TV (Last night? Guilty.). I love the freedom of rest after a day of completing tasks. But packing never feels completed. And I have a difficult time resting when I could be packing boxes. I’m not really [Read More…]

The books that shaped you?

Tuesday, Helen Lee at Gifted for Leadership asked her readers (mostly women in positions of leadership in the Church) which books have most shaped their lives. Her question was in response to a similar one asked of the Twitter followers of two marketing consultants and well as some influential business leaders. The result was over [Read More…]