Conversations with Ourselves


Today I have the honor of guest posting at Preston Yancey’s blog in his series “Conversations with Ourselves” in which we are given the opportunity to explore what our present self would like say to our past self (or vice versa). It was a gift to be forced to look at myself and love her, [Read More...]

{This Sacred Everyday} Holly Grantham


{This Sacred Everyday} is back! And today we’re welcoming Holly Grantham. Holly is a new blogging friend whom I’m I’ve only recently discovered. Her prose is rich and deserves to be read aloud. So if you want to slow down and savor, subscribe to her blog and pour some good coffee, friend. * * *  [Read More...]


image from Pinterest via Denise Lieb

I wait for the Lord; my soul waits for him; in his word is my hope. Psalm 92:4   I wait alone in my room, my hands open, arms raised. I wait in silence while my husband and boys read books in the other room. “Brooksie, where is August’s nose?” I hear Chris say. “Do you [Read More...]

Checking In…

At the park after church on Sunday...

Friends! I miss you guys. It’s very weird to go through a week and keep all my deep thoughts to myself. It’s probably a good practice in non-vanity. (No, every thought is not deserving of daily blog posts, fancy-pants Boyett!) I have, however, shared my thoughts with the Mister. And I wrote them down. (Take [Read More...]

Wherever I Send You, Whatever it Costs You

from via Berber on Pinterest

A week and a half ago, prior to my grandfather’s funeral, as I ate a large family meal in the fellowship hall of the Boyett Baptist Church (no, that’s not really its name!), I encountered a third or fourth cousin, someone I hadn’t seen since my high school years when I’m sure we talked at [Read More...]

If it shakes you… (introducing Catherine Prewitt)


If it shakes you, let it shake you; let love’s heaviness o’ertake you Let it bring you to your knees Let the world outside look on; they will tell you to get on But don’t let ‘em turn it cheap You know how sometimes song lyrics say exactly what you need a friend to whisper [Read More...]

{This Sacred Everyday} Jason Boyett

PawPaw's last (unfinished) painting

I’m happy to welcome my brother, Jason Boyett, here to Mama:Monk for the very first time. He’s one of my biggest life-heroes. And I’m thrilled to share him with you. PawPaw’s Last Painting A week ago today, Micha and I spoke at our grandfather’s memorial service, as I’m sure you’re aware. From her blog posts to our brother’s twitter feed [Read More...]

My food…

Illustration by Anna Rumney at

Yesterday after lunch, August and Chris were sleeping together in my bedroom while I cleaned up the kitchen and Brooksie snoozed in his crib. Then, I clanged something too loud (as usual) and woke my baby in the next room. There went my hour to write. So, while Brooksie ate his mac n’cheese, I sat [Read More...]

Rivers and Roads: On Saying Goodbye

Pawpaw and Memaw with August at his first birthday

I have to leave today. Noon. I’ve packed and planned. It’s been a long visit that coincided with his stroke and I have watched him shrivel. In fact, I’ve watched him shrivel for five years now. Maybe more. Of course, he’s almost 90 years old: A long good life. A life that could have been [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday, from a soup kitchen

I’m writing from a soup kitchen in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Here there are big rooms packed with rickety bunk beds (some of them piled three high!) on the second and third floors. The soup kitchen is on the first floor. There are around 150 high school students staying here with me and [Read More...]