One Good Phrase: Zack Hunt (Costly Grace)

Today I get to introduce you to Zack Hunt, a blogger and thinker whose special talent is the ability to make complicated theological concepts approachable  for the likes of non-theologians like me. Zack was on my trip to Guatemala and it was a joy to get to know his compassionate, sarcastic, generous nature. I’m grateful [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Leigh Kramer (Conversation is like…)

Leigh Kramer sees the world in a lovely way. I am always reading her posts and saying, “Oh, I never thought of it like that” and I’m so grateful for her voice. Also, we are TV watching kindreds, especially when it comes to shows I’m a little embarrassed to say I love. Welcome Hopefulleigh! So [Read More…]

Introducing Hill Country Hill Tribers (And a giveaway for Mother’s Day!)

I’m so excited to have Jessica Goudeau here today sharing about one of my favorite organizations (and Etsy shops!) around. Half of the Christmas presents I gave this past year came from the women of Hill Country Hill Tribers. And I’m thrilled to let Jessica share with you about their story, just in time for [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Amy Lepine Peterson (and joy deep down inside)

I’ve said this before, but one of the sweetest gifts of this whole blogging world has been the privilege of finding My People, those (mostly) women who see the world the same way I do, whose spiritual journeys have moved along similar paths, many of whom are deep in the work of  understanding themselves and the Church [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Secrets Don’t Make Friends (Megan Tietz)

Megan Tietz owns such command of language and knows just how to use gentleness to guide her readers to the good truth. This woman has a lot going on right now. (For details check out her blog.) And I’m honored she has taken the time to be with us here today. After you read this [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Peace of Christ be with you always (Seth Haines)

I’m excited to welcome Seth Haines as our first guest writer in the “One Good Phrase” series. I discovered Seth’s writing via his wife, Amber Haines (who has some of the sharpest, most lovely words around). When he co-curated Mother Letters with Amber, I was happy to find out he blogs as well. And the [Read More…]