Sisyphus and Motherhood and Coffee

Yesterday morning I woke to a quiet (and sort of creepy) almost three-year-old standing beside my bed at 6:15, silently staring at me. Good morning, Wednesday. After I got August settled and watching a Thomas show, I moved toward my coffee pot, only to have Brooks begin crying and crying. I bounced him in the [Read More…]

Confessing Fear

Yesterday during time of confession in our worship service, I ran my mind over my past week and realized that if I’ve had a pattern of brokenness in my life the past few days, it’s been in the form of fear. As a hormonal mama who wants nothing more than to make our little nest [Read More…]

Stones Splitting

When I sat in front of my spiritual director last Friday, trying to relay to her how I’m overwhelmed with the sudden busyness in my life—part time job, poetry writing gig, the emotional alterations of moving, the exhaustion of pregnancy, August’s latest nap antics—I wanted to be given an answer. I always want an answer [Read More…]

Boys and Airports

When I packed for the cross country drive that would haul me from Texas, the only place I’d ever lived, to Syracuse, New York, my mother joked with me (a hint of begging in her voice), “Micha, please don’t date a northern boy.” My reply was in all seriousness, “Mom, why would I want to [Read More…]

How not to be ferocious with myself.

This past week I managed to pull a typical Micha move. I’m not naturally organized. My brain doesn’t remember plans, I don’t think in terms of details, and I tend to spring for new ideas and exciting possibilities as soon as they arrive in my brain’s inbox. For the past few years while on staff [Read More…]

Loving the City

Yesterday I looked at an apartment I adored in Sausalito, a beautiful, quaint little fishing town across the Bay from San Francisco. It’s a drive across Golden Gate bridge. It’s a ferry ride. I’ve mentioned a few times here that we’ve been in a bit of battle to stay in our apartment in San Francisco. [Read More…]